JC-Hosting, in order to better serve its customers has changed to a new billing system that is cleaner and easier to find the information you need about your accounts with us.
We hope this new system will take some of the confusion out of your ordering and billing experience. In addition to the billing features, the new system has an integrated support and knowledge base system.
You will also be able to download copies of your invoices in .pdf form for your records and tax purposes.
Please bear with us if you receive strange or double invoices as we will be available to resolve any conflicts while the new system is being streamlined.

Support Tools

  • Announcements for keeping clients up to date with news & events
  • Downloads area so JC-Hosting can offer our clients useful applications with their purchases
  • A Knowledgebase so clients can find the help they need themselves reducing ticket workload
  • A fully featured Support Ticket System to hanlde all client and non-client communication
  • Multiple Departments support which can be open to clients only or public

Client Profiles & Frontend 

  • Entire product/domain history with statuses including active, cancelled, fraud, terminated, pending-transfer so our clients are always kept up to date
  • Full Invoice & Payment records
  • Complete email history viewable by both admin and client
  • Timestamped Notes for detailed record keeping
  • Unique Client Portal system giving a central location for all your needs
  • Multi-language support in both client side display and email templates
  • Domain Availability Checker with support for mass lookups
  • Server Status summary page showing service status and uptime/load
  • PDF Invoicing Support
  • Automated credits on overpayments and application to invoices
  • Account Prefunding Option for Clients
  • Clients can order upgrades/downgrades to their products & services from the client area



Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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