$0.20 USD
$0.20 Setup Fee
Business Card Website Package
The Business Card Website is a one-page site, perfect for customers who want an immediate presence, or those who have businesses still in development, but want potential clients to know what they will have to offer once they launch. It is also ideal for those who want to continue to conduct business only in person, or by phone, but still want Internet users to have a way to locate them.
$0.75 USD
$0.75 Setup Fee
Starter Website Package

The Starter Website is a simple three-page package. It includes personal templates and a photo album. It's a great package for family websites, a place where a person can showcase their photos, or personal news in a setting that is more professional looking than they ever thought possible.
$1.75 USD
$1.75 Setup Fee
Personal Website Package

The Personal Website is similar to the Starter Website, but much larger and with additional features. It is a 10-page package and includes not only a photo album, but a site creation wizard, image editor and a resume builder.
$3.00 USD
$3.00 Setup Fee
Small Business Website Package

The Small Business Website is a 30-page package designed for the client with a more established internet presence in mind. Includes all of the features of a Personal Website, and adds a newsletter module, custom form creator, maps, driving directions, and even a Flash animation editor.
$4.00 USD
$4.00 Setup Fee
Ecommerce Website Package

The Ecommerce Website is a 70-page package. It is for companies that desire an online storefront to sell their products or services. The WebSite Builder's e-commerce wizard assists customers every step of the way in the creation of their store, and will integrate with most standard payment gateways.